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The Seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red Sea: A Historical Review
Preface A note on transliteration A note on chronology Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Macroseismic information 3. Instrumental information 4. Conclusions References Index.
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Reappraisal of major African earthquakes, south of 20°N, 1900–1930
We have re-examined those earthquakes in Africa south of 20°N, in the period 1900–1930, that appear from instrumental or macroseismic evidence to have a magnitude of 5 3/4 or greater. We identifyExpand
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Large-magnitude Central American earthquakes, 1898-1994
We have collected and re-examined macroseismic information for large Central American earthquakes since the beginning of the period of instrumental recording about one hundred years ago, and combinedExpand
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Chlorate salts and solutions on Mars
[1] Chlorate (ClO3−) is an intermediate oxidation species between chloride (Cl−) and perchlorate (ClO4−), both of which were found at the landing site by the Wet Chemistry Lab (WCL). The chlorate ionExpand
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The Rhodes earthquake of 26 June 1926
We use macroseismic and instrumental data to re-examine the large earthquake of 26 June 1926 in the Hellenic Arc and other associated events. The earthquake was felt over a large area in the EasternExpand
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The seismicity of Central America : a descriptive catalogue 1898-1995
Instrumental earthquake location determination of earthquake size macroseismic information and location description of seismicity. Appendices: case histories of earthquakes parametric catalogue ofExpand
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Seismicity of the Cyprus region
We have used a combination of macroseismic and instrumental techniques to re-evaluate the seismicity of Cyprus and the surrounding region for the period 1890–1900. We identified 56 events which weExpand
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Seismotectonics and seismology in the Arab region: A brief summary and future plans
Abstract The Arab region extending from Morocco to Iraq has experienced some of the worst earthquake disasters of recent times, yet much is still not understood of its tectonic environment, and itsExpand
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Seismicity of the Sudan
abstract This paper presents a record of information on the seismicity of the Sudan. In addition to events for which only felt information exists, there are a number of early teleseismic locations ofExpand
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