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Spectrum of type IIB supergravity on AdS5×T11: Predictions on N=1SCFT's
We derive the full Kaluza-Klein spectrum of type IIB supergravity compactified on ${\mathrm{AdS}}_{5}{\ifmmode\times\else\texttimes\fi{}\mathrm{T}}^{11}$ with
U duality and central charges in various dimensions revisited
A geometric formulation which describes extended supergravities in any dimension in the presence of electric and magnetic sources is presented. In this framework, the underlying duality symmetries of
Supersymmetry reduction of N-extended supergravities in four dimensions.
We consider the possible consistent truncation of N-extended supergravities to lower N 0 theories. The truncation, unlike the case of N-extended rigid theories, is non trivial and only in some cases