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Asian Monsoon Failure and Megadrought During the Last Millennium
The Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas (MADA), a seasonally resolved gridded spatial reconstruction of Asian monsoon drought and pluvials over the past millennium, derived from a network of tree-ring chronologies, provides a long-term context for recent monsoon variability that is critically needed for climate modeling, prediction, and attribution. Expand
On the long‐term context for late twentieth century warming
[1] Previous tree-ring–based Northern Hemisphere temperature reconstructions portray a varying amplitude range between the ‘‘Medieval Warm Period’’ (MWP), ‘‘Little Ice Age’’ (LIA) and present. WeExpand
On the 'Divergence Problem' in Northern Forests: A review of the tree-ring evidence and possible causes
An anomalous reduction in forest growth indices and temperature sensitivity has been detected in tree-ring width and density records from many circumpolar northern latitude sites since around theExpand
A Well-Verified, Multiproxy Reconstruction of the Winter North Atlantic Oscillation Index since a.d. 1400*
Abstract A new, well-verified, multiproxy reconstruction of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) index is described that can be used to examine the variability of the NAO prior to twentiethExpand
A reconstruction of the North Atlantic Oscillation using tree-ring chronologies from North America and Europe
Tree-ring records, six from eastern North America and four from northwestern Europe, are used to develop the first reconstruction of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). The reconstructedExpand
El Nino modulations over the past seven centuries
The El Nino/Southern Oscillation exhibits considerable natural variability on interdecadal to centennial timescales making it difficult to understand how climate change affects it. A reconstructionExpand
Tree-ring estimates of Pacific decadal climate variability
Abstract Decadal-scale oscillatory modes of atmosphere-ocean variability have recently been identified in instrumental studies of the Pacific sector. The regime shift around 1976 is one example ofExpand
Experimental Dendroclimatic Reconstruction of the Southern Oscillation.
Abstract Exactly dated tree-ring chronologies from ENSO-sensitive regions in subtropical North America and Indonesia together register the strongest ENSO signal yet detected in tree-ring dataExpand
Hydrometeorological Reconstructions for Northeastern Mongolia Derived from Tree Rings: 1651–1995*
Reconstructions of annual (prior August‐current July) precipitation and streamflow, 345 yr in length (1651‐ 1995), are presented for northeastern Mongolia based on tree-ring width data. TheseExpand
Warm-season temperatures since 1600 BC reconstructed from Tasmanian tree rings and their relationship to large-scale sea surface temperature anomalies
Abstract We describe an improved tree-ring reconstruction of mean warm-season (November–April) temperatures for Tasmania from Huon pine. This record extends back to 1600 BC and is based on aExpand