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The PLATO 2.0 mission
PLATO 2.0 has recently been selected for ESA’s M3 launch opportunity (2022/24). Providing accurate key planet parameters (radius, mass, density and age) in statistical numbers, it addressesExpand
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The Rise of SN 2014J in the Nearby Galaxy M82
We report on the discovery of SN 2014J in the nearby galaxy M82. Given its proximity, it offers the best opportunity to date to study a thermonuclear supernova (SN) over a wide range of theExpand
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We report the discovery of a transiting, Rp = 4.347 ± 0.099R ⊕, circumbinary planet (CBP) orbiting the Kepler K+M eclipsing binary (EB) system KIC 12351927 (Kepler-413) every ~66 days on an eccentricExpand
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Hα and the Ca II H and K lines as activity proxies for late-type stars
Context. The main chromospheric activity indicator is the S index, which is the ratio of the flux in the core of the Ca II H and K lines to the continuum nearby, and is well studied for stars from FExpand
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Orbital eccentricity of WASP-12 and WASP-14 from new radial-velocity monitoring with SOPHIE ?
As part of the long-term radial velocity monitoring of known transiting planets, we have acquired new radial velocity data for the two transiting systems WASP-12 and WASP-14, each harbouring a gasExpand
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WASP-121 b: a hot Jupiter close to tidal disruption transiting an active F star
We present the discovery by the WASP-South survey, in close collaboration with the Euler and TRAPPIST telescopes, of WASP-121 b, a new remarkable shortperiod transiting hot Jupiter, whose planetaryExpand
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WASP-52b, WASP-58b, WASP-59b, and WASP-60b: four new transiting close-in giant planets
We present the discovery of four new transiting hot Jupiters, detected mainly from SuperWASP-North and SOPHIE observations. These new planets, WASP-52b, WASP-58b, WASP-59b, and WASP-60b, have orbitalExpand
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Observation of the full 12-hour-long transit of the exoplanet HD 80606b: Warm-Spitzer photometry and SOPHIE spectroscopy
We present new observations of a transit of the 111.4-day-period exoplanet HD 80606b. Due to this long orbital period and to the orientation of the eccentric orbit (e = 0.9), HD 80606b's transitsExpand
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Revisiting the transits of CoRoT-7b at a lower activity level
The first super-Earth with measured radius discovered was CoRoT-7b and it has opened the new field of rocky exoplanet characterisation. To better understand this interesting system, new observationsExpand
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SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates - XII. KOI-1257 b: a highly eccentric three-month period transiting exoplanet
In this paper we report a new transiting warm giant planet: KOI-1257 b. It was first detected in photometry as a planet-candidate by the Kepler space telescope and then validated thanks to a radialExpand
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