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Configuration Spaces of Planar Pentagons
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Hecke algebras associated with induced representations
We define the Hecke von Neumann algebra L(G,H,σ) associated with a group G, a subgroup H and a unitary representation σ of H. We show that when σ is finite dimensional, L(G,H,σ) can be seen as aExpand
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Book reviews
English Women and the Late-Nineteenth Century Open Space Movement
During the second half of the nineteenth century, England became the most industrialised and urbanised nation on earth. An expanding population and growing manufacturing drove development on anyExpand
The daughters of Ares [Book Review]
Review(s) of: The Amazons : Lives and legends of warrior women across the ancient world, by Adrienne Mayor, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014, 536 pp. $29.95, ISBN: 9780691147208.