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Biology of the Southern Ocean
Biology of the Antarctic Seas IIEdited by George A. Llano. (Antarctic Research Series, Vol. 5. Publication No. 1297.) Pp. xi + 280. (Washington, D.C.: American Geophysical Union of the NationalExpand
Upwelling in the Benguela Current
Arabian Sea Upwelling
When the IIOE was planned, it was considered a valuable objective to examine the upwelling regions which had been reported in the Arabian Sea (Bobzin, 1922) but had never before been the object ofExpand
Circulation and upwelling off the coast of south-east arabia
Observations made during the International Indian Ocean Expedition provide the basis for a description of the summer circulation in the upper 500 m of the western Arabian Sea, off the coast of Oman.Expand
The Nansen closing method with vertical plankton nets
Several methods have been devised for sampling plankton in the different water layersin the ocean,but for many yearsverticallyhauled nets closedby a method devised by Nansen (1915) have fulfilledExpand
Pigments in Zooplankton Fæces
  • R. Currie
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature
  • 1 March 1962
Dynamics of fishing
Marine Ecology and Fisheries.By D. H. Cushing. Pp. xiv + 278. (Cambridge University: Cambridge, London, New York and Melbourne, July 1975). £9.00; $27.50, hard cover: £3.90 paperback.
A new quantitative plankton net
The apparatus described in this paper was constructed for the purpose of sampling the zooplankton standing crop in the ocean in a quantitative manner. A meter is described, which will record both theExpand