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Financial Performance and Outreach: A Global Analysis of Leading Microbanks
Microfinance contracts have proven able to secure high rates of loan repayment in the face of limited liability and information asymmetries, but high repayment rates have not translated easily intoExpand
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Corporate Governance and Bank Performance: A Joint Analysis of the Static, Selection, and Dynamic Effects of Domestic, Foreign, and State Ownership
We jointly analyze the static, selection, and dynamic effects of domestic, foreign, and state ownership on bank performance. We argue that it is important to include indicators of all the relevantExpand
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Institutions, Ownership, and Finance: The Determinants of Profit Reinvestment Among Chinese Firms
Johnson, McMillan and Woodruff (2002) examine the relative importance of property rights and external finance in several Eastern European countries, and find property rights to be overwhelminglyExpand
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Foreign Bank Entry: Experience, Implications for Developing Countries, and Agenda for Further Research
In recent years foreign banks have expanded their presence significantly in several developing economies. In Argentina and Chile in Latin America and in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland inExpand
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The African Financial Development and Financial Inclusion Gaps
This paper investigates the African financial development and financial inclusion gaps relative to other peer developing countries. The paper uses a set of variables related to financial developmentExpand
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Bureaucrats, State Banks, and the Efficiency of Credit Allocation: The Experience of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
We describe features of the Chinese financial system that inhibited effective financial intermediation from 1980 to 1994 and investigate whether, despite these impediments, bank finance flowed toExpand
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Bank Privatization and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
The authors assess the effect of privatization on performance in a panel of Nigerian banks for the period 1990-2001. They find evidence of performance improvement in nine banks that were privatized,Expand
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Foreign bank participation and access to credit across firms in developing countries
Abstract Combining responses from a survey of firms operating in 35 developing and transition economies with data on the degree of foreign bank presence across these countries, we investigate whetherExpand
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Resolving the African Financial Development Gap: Cross-Country Comparisons and a Within-Country Study of Kenya
With extensive country and firm-level data sets, this paper first documents that the financial sectors of most Sub-Saharan African countries remain significantly underdeveloped by the standards ofExpand
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Historical Financing of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
We focus on the economies of the North Atlantic Core during the 19th and early 20th centuries and find that an impressive variety of local financial institutions emerged to supply the needs of SMEsExpand
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