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The death of massive stars – I. Observational constraints on the progenitors of Type II-P supernovae
The progenitors of many type II core-collapse supernovae have now been identified directly on pre-discovery imaging. Here we present an extensive search for the progenitors of type Ibc supernovae inExpand
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SN 2008S: An electron-capture SN from a super-AGB progenitor?
We present comprehensive photometric and spectroscopic observations of the faint transient SN 2008S discovered in the nearby galaxy NGC 6946. SN 2008S exhibited slow photometric evolution and almostExpand
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Massive stars exploding in a He-rich circumstellar medium – II. The transitional case of SN 2005la
We present photometric and spectroscopic data of the peculiar SN 20051a, an object which shows an optical light curve with some luminosity fluctuations and spectra with comparably strong narrowExpand
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The Type IIb SN 2008ax: spectral and light curve evolution
We present spectroscopy and photometry of the He-rich supernova (SN) 2008ax. The early-time spectra show prominent P-Cygni H lines, which decrease with time and disappear completely about 2 monthsExpand
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A deeper search for the progenitor of the Type Ic Supernova 2002ap
Images of the site of the Type Ic Supernova 2002ap taken before explosion were analysed previously by Smartt et al. (2002). We have uncovered new unpublished, archival pre-explosion images from theExpand
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SN 2004A: Another Type II-P Supernova with a Red Supergiant Progenitor
We present a monitoring study of SN 2004A and probable discovery of a progenitor star in pre-explosion Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images. The photometric and spectroscopic monitoring of SN 2004AExpand
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We report our attempts to locate the progenitor of the peculiar Type Ic SN 2007gr in Hubble Space Telescope (HST) preexplosion images of the host galaxy, NGC 1058. Aligning adaptive opticsExpand
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VLT Detection of a Red Supergiant Progenitor of the Type II-P Supernova 2008bk
We report the identification of a source coincident with the position of the nearby Type II-P supernova (SN) 2008bk in high-quality optical and near-infrared preexplosion images from the ESO VeryExpand
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SN 2009md: another faint supernova from a low-mass progenitor
We present adaptive optics imaging of the core-collapse supernova (SN) 2009md, which we use together with archival Hubble Space Telescope data to identify a coincident progenitor candidate. We findExpand
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Time activity modelling of domestic exposures to radon.
Radon gas occurs naturally in the environment with a variable distribution. In some areas radon concentrates sufficiently within the built environment that it is considered as a public health risk.Expand
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