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Cell‐to‐cell movement and assembly of a plant closterovirus: roles for the capsid proteins and Hsp70 homolog
Diverse animal and plant viruses are able to translocate their virions between neighboring cells via intercellular connections. In this work, we analyze the virion assembly and cell‐to‐cell movementExpand
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Undifilum, a new genus for endophytic Embellisia oxytropis and parasitic Helminthosporium bornmuelleri on legumes
Fungal endophytes of Oxytropis kansuensis Bunge from China, previously described as Embellisia oxytropis Q. Wang, Nagao & Kakish, and endophytes of Oxytropis sericea Nutt. and Oxytropis lambertiiExpand
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Maize fine streak virus, a New Leafhopper-Transmitted Rhabdovirus.
ABSTRACT A previously uncharacterized virus was isolated from fall-planted sweet corn (Zea mays L., Syngenta GSS 0966) leaves showing fine chlorotic streaks. Symptomatic plants were negative inExpand
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Production of swainsonine by fungal endophytes of locoweed.
Consumption of locoweeds, legumes endemic in arid western USA, has long been associated with locoism, a disease of ruminant animals. To explore the relationship between fungi associated with locoweedExpand
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Localization of endophytic Undifilum fungi in locoweed seed and influence of environmental parameters on a locoweed in vitro culture system.
Endophytic Undifilum oxytropis (Q. Wang, Nagao & Kakish) Pryor, Creamer, Shoemaker, McLain-Romero, & Hambleton found within toxic locoweeds (Astragalus and Oxytropis spp.) produces the alkaloidExpand
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Kaolin-based foliar reflectant affects physiology and incidence of beet curly top virus but not yield of Chile pepper
Kaolin reflectant treatments have been shown to reduce stress due to the environ- ment, pests, and pathogens in many plants. We tested the effect of kaolin on yield, beet curly top virus (BCTV)Expand
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Relationship Between the Endophyte Embellisia spp. and the Toxic Alkaloid Swainsonine in Major Locoweed Species (Astragalus and Oxytropis)
Locoweeds (Astragalus and Oxytropis spp. that contain the toxic alkaloid swainsonine) cause widespread poisoning of livestock on western rangelands. There are 354 species of Astragalus and 22 speciesExpand
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Stylet penetration behavior resulting in inoculation of a semipersistently transmitted closterovirus by the whitefly Bemisia argentifolii
The electrical penetration graph (EPG) technique was used to determine what part of stylet penetration behavior by the whitefly vector, Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring (Homoptera:Expand
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A Search for the Phylogenetic Relationship of the Ascomycete Rhizoctonia leguminicola Using Genetic Analysis
Rhizoctonia leguminicola, which causes fungal blackpatch disease of legumes and other plants, produces slaframine and swainsonine that are largely responsible for causing salivation, lacrimation,Expand
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Moisture and temperature requirements for London rocket (Sisymbrium irio) emergence
Abstract London rocket is hypothesized to be the most important overwintering host of the beet leafhopper in southern New Mexico. Knowledge of the environmental factors affecting the emergence ofExpand
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