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Thematic roles, focus and the representation of events
We investigated the focusing properties of thematic roles, while a third experiment investigated the view that thematic role preferences reflect a focusing on the consequences of the event in a mental model of the sentence. Expand
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The use of heuristic strategies in the interpretation of pronouns
The aim of the two experiments reported here was to distinguish between two heuristic strategies that have been proposed to account for the assignment of pronouns: the subject assignment strategy and the parallel function strategy, a pronoun is assigned to a previous noun phrase in the same grammatical position as the pronoun. Expand
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Cognition in pregnancy and the first year post-partum.
A longitudinal study measured the performance of a group of 15 pregnant women on tests of verbal memory, divided attention, and focused attention on four occasions (second trimester, third trimester,Expand
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Self‐perception of cognitive changes during pregnancy and the early postpartum: salience and attentional effects
The reports from 198 pregnant women of changes experienced during pregnancy suggested that cognitive changes are not salient since only 2% of women spontaneously mentioned such changes. When askedExpand
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Stillbirth and Stigma: The Spoiling and Repair of Multiple Social Identities
This study investigated mothers' experiences surrounding stillbirth in the United Kingdom, their memory making and sharing opportunities, and the effect these opportunities had on them. QualitativeExpand
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The offset of childhood amnesia: memory for events that occurred before age 3.
Adult memory for the events surrounding the birth of a sibling was examined in 69 adults. The authors identified a steep offset for childhood amnesia for this event before the child reaches age 2 1/2Expand
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Cognitive changes in pregnancy: mild decline or societal stereotype?
This research compared pregnant and non-pregnant women's perceptions of cognitive change and their performance on 13 sensitive memory and attention tasks (Study 1) and two complex driving simulationExpand
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Recovering from stillbirth: the effects of making and sharing memories on maternal mental health
Objective: This study examined whether the experience of creating and sharing memories of their babies is associated with mothers’ mental health after stillbirth, taking account of factors previouslyExpand
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Closure of autobiographical memories: The effects of written recounting from first- or third-person visual perspective
  • R. Crawley
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  • 1 November 2010
Autobiographical memories are recalled with varying degrees of psychological closure. Closure is a subjective assessment of how far a remembered experience feels resolved, and it has been suggestedExpand
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The Birth Memories and Recall Questionnaire (BirthMARQ): development and evaluation
BackgroundChildbirth is a challenging and emotive experience that is accompanied by strong positive and/or negative emotions. Memories of birth may be associated with how women cognitively processExpand
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