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Propagation Handbook for Wireless Communication System Design
PROPAGATION PHENOMENA AFFECTING WIRELESS SYSTEMS Types of Systems Design Criteria Antenna Considerations Propagation Effects Propagation Models Model Verification Statistics and Risk List of SymbolsExpand
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Purification of the human intestinal brush border membrane.
A method is described to obtain brush border,i.e. microvillus membranes, from human intestinal epithelial cells. It is based on the sequential use of CaCl2, differential centrifugation and Tris. TheExpand
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Substrate specificity of brain hexokinase.
  • A. Sols, R. Crane
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Journal of biological chemistry
  • 1 October 1954
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Modification of an assay for trypsin and its application for the estimation of enteropeptidase.
A sensitive method for the estimation of trypsin and enteropeptidase is described. The use of alpha-N-benzoyl-DL-arginine-p-nitroanilide as substrate in combination with the Bratton-Marshall reactionExpand
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Isolation of brush border membranes in vesicular form from the intestinal spiral valve of the small dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula).
A simple, rapid method for the preparation of purified brush border membranes in vesicular form from rabbit kidney proximal tubules has been applied with closely similar results to the intestinalExpand
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Na+ -dependent transport in the intestine and other animal tissues.
  • R. Crane
  • Medicine
  • Federation proceedings
  • 1965
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Intestinal absorption of sugars.
  • R. Crane
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Physiological reviews
  • 1 October 1960
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The association of hexokinase with particulate fractions of brain and other tissue homogenates.
  • R. Crane, A. Sols
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The Journal of biological chemistry
  • 1 July 1953
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Studies of the kinetics of Na+ gradient-coupled glucose transport as found in brush-border membrane vesicles from rabbit jejunum.
The Na+-dependent D-glucose transport reaction in rabbit jejunal brush-border vesicles was studied. Initial rate data were obtained by fitting a polynomial equation to progress curves at differentExpand
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Automatic Cell Detection and Tracking
  • R. Crane
  • Geology
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience Electronics
  • 1 October 1979
Algorithms for the automatic detection and tracking of precipitation cells have been developed for the processing of digital weather radar data. The basic premise of the processing procedure is toExpand
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