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Expenditure-Based Segmentation and Visitor Profiling at the Quays in Salford, UK
There is a substantial body of literature relating to tourism's economic impact at the macro level, but less is known about tourist expenditure at a micro scale. This paper reports findings from aExpand
The Geographies of the Conference: Knowledge, Performance and Protest
Conferences are an ubiquitous and important part of political and academic life, acting as key sites of knowledge creation, public performance, legitimation and protest. Reviewing the currentExpand
The quays in salford: an analysis of visitor perceptions, satisfaction and behavioural intention
Despite an extensive literature on urban regeneration, visitor perceptions of urban waterfront destinations and their subsequent outcomes remain largely unexplored. The paper reports the fiExpand
Situating the imperial archive: the Royal Empire Society Library, 1868–1945
Abstract This paper explores the Library of the Royal Empire Society from its foundation in 1868 to the mid-twentieth century. It begins by considering the production of imaginative geographies ofExpand
Working-with: talking and sorting in personal archives
Abstract This paper draws upon experiences of working in a personal archive in a domestic space in order to contribute to recent debates about archival formation, conduct and practice. By exploringExpand
Post‐colonial careering and urban policy mobility: between Britain and Nigeria, 1945–1990
This paper sets out the value of the concept of ‘careering’ to understanding the global mobility of urban policy across historical and contemporary contexts. Through a case study of one colonial andExpand
What Happens If We Start from Nigeria? Diversifying Histories of Geography
This article asks this question: What if, rather than starting from the United States or the United Kingdom in histories of geography, we start from Nigeria? Focusing on Nigerian geographers workingExpand
The Commonwealth Institute and the Commonwealth Arts Festival: Architecture, Performance and Multiculturalism in Late-Imperial London
Abstract This paper considers London, an imperial capital, in an era of decolonization. Through a focus on the Commonwealth Institute, opened in 1962, and the Commonwealth Arts Festival, held inExpand
Towards a political geography of hotels: Southern Rhodesia, 1958–1962
Abstract This article sets out the case for taking account of hotels in political geography. It argues that hotels, as key spaces of welcome, association, and entertainment between public andExpand