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Handbook of toxic fungal metabolites
This handbook of toxic fungal metabolites that can be your partner is this proper and easy way to gain knowledge about this life, about the world. Expand
Mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus fumigatus species isolated from molded silage.
Mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus fumigatus isolated from silage.
Results are presented which show that Aspergillus fumigatus was one of the predominant fungi contaminating moldy silage, and a new clavine alkaloid designated fumgaclavine C was produced by A. fumigsatus. Expand
Photochemical transformation of the DDT and methoxychlor degradation products, DDE and DMDE, by sunlight
It is suggested that the persistence of DDE in inland surface waters may be related to its tendency to sorb onto sediments and biota where no light is present, suggesting that they may accumulate under environmental conditions. Expand
Chaetoglobosin K: a new plant growth inhibitor and toxin from Diplodia macrospora.
Ophiobolins G and H: new fungal metabolites from a novel source, Aspergillus ustus
Isolement de 2 nouveaux metabolites d'A. ustus, leur structure moleculaire est precisee. On etudie leur activite biologique sur le coleophile de ble (inhibition de la croissance), sur les culturesExpand
Isolation and redefinition of the toxic agent from cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium).
Koninginin A: A Novel Plant Growth Regulator from Trichoderma koningii
Trichoderma koningii, isolated from the roots and soil line of an ornamental Diffenbachia sp., yielded, when cultured on shredded wheat, a novel metabolite trivially named koninginin A. The compoundExpand