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Plant diversity in mediterranean-climate regions.
The high plant diversity of mediterranean-climate regions has attracted much attention over the past few years. This review discusses patterns and determinants of local, differential and regionalExpand
Effectiveness of the global protected area network in representing species diversity
It is shown that the global network of protected areas is far from complete, and the inadequacy of uniform—that is, ‘one size fits all’—conservation targets is demonstrated, in the first global gap analysis assessing the effectiveness ofprotected areas in representing species diversity. Expand
Vegetation of southern Africa
Foreword B. J. Huntley Preface Contributors Part. Physiography and History: Introduction 1. Evolution of landscapes T. C. Partridge 2. Climate R. E. Schulze 3. Phytogeography, flora and endemism R.Expand
Knowing but not doing: selecting priority conservation areas and the research-implementation gap.
A reevaluation of the conceptual and operational basis of conservation planning research is urgently required and the following actions are recommended for beginning a process for bridging the research-implementation gap in conservation planning. Expand
Conservation planning in a changing world.
Biodiversity is not static in time or space but generated and maintained by natural processes, and humans are altering the planet in diverse ways at ever faster rates. Expand
An operational model for mainstreaming ecosystem services for implementation
By following the phases of the operational model, projects for safeguarding ecosystem services are likely to empower stakeholders to implement effective on-the-ground management that will achieve resilience of the corresponding social-ecological systems. Expand
Formulating conservation targets for biodiversity pattern and process in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa
The approach to formulating quantitative targets in the context of the general role of targets in conservation planning, the inadequacy of commonly used standard targets such as 10% of features or whole regions, and the uncertainties around setting targets for land types are discussed. Expand
An operational model for implementing conservation action.
Implementing effective conservation action requires that systematic assessments be integrated functionally with a process for developing an implementation strategy and processes for stakeholder collaboration while maintaining a broad focus on the implementation of conservation action. Expand
Namaqualand, South Africa – an overview of a unique winter-rainfall desert ecosystem
Namaqualand is a winter-rainfall desert of some 50 000 km2, located in north-western South Africa. For a desert ecosystem, the region is characterized by a unique selective regime, namely highlyExpand
Preserving the evolutionary potential of floras in biodiversity hotspots
This work shows taxon richness to be decoupled from PD, using a biome-wide phylogenetic analysis of the flora of an undisputed biodiversity hotspot—the Cape of South Africa and demonstrates that PD protection is the best strategy for preserving feature diversity in the Cape. Expand