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Studies in tropical American Leguminosae—I
From time to time in future years of research on the legumes of tropical America, it will occasionally be necessary to publish new combinations, descriptions of new species, and even reviews of smallExpand
Plant explorations of G. Wilson-Browne, S. J., in British Guiana. I. Kanuku mountains
The Kanuku Mountains lie in the extreme southern part of British Guiana and may, perhaps, be more nearly comparable with the Wilhelmina Mountains of Surinam. Expand
Tropical American leguminosae—III
This very distinct species is related, by virtue of its elongate inflorescences, to E. falcata and E. rubiginosa, but it differs from both of these in the glabrous condition of the inflorescence, hence the specific epithet. Expand
Dictionary of Theoretical Concepts in Biology
This guidebook to the bewildering array of concepts underlying modern biology will be especially useful to researchers and students of biology, historians of science, libraries, and the general public with an interest in biology. Expand
Harleyodendron, a new genus of leguminosae (Swartzieae)
A monotypic new genus,Harleyodendron, is described from the relict coastal rainforest of eastern Brazil. Gross morphology, wood and leaf anatomy, and pollen morphology are considered.
New taxa of Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae from Bahia, Brazil
Brodriguesia santosii, gen. & sp. nov., from the coastal rain forest of Bahia, is described, illustrated and compared with nearly related genera of the tribe Detarieae. In addition, three newExpand