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Studies in tropical American Leguminosae—I
From time to time in future years of research on the legumes of tropical America, it will occasionally be necessary to publish new combinations, descriptions of new species, and even reviews of smallExpand
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Tropical American leguminosae—III
Eperua glabra Cowan, sp. nov. Arbor 28 mal ta , 30 cm diametro, glabra, stipulis caducis. Folia glabra, petioli 2.5-3.5 cm longi, rachibus 16-19 em longis, petioluli 5-7 mm longi. Folio~ forum laminaExpand
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Studies in tropical American leguminosae—II
Since the publication of my revision of the genus Macrolobium (Mere. N. Y. But. Gard. 8: 257..342. 1953), several matters concerning the taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus have come to myExpand
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Abnormal and watered milk.
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