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Inhibition of Caco-2 and HeLa proliferation by Terminalia carpentariae C. T. White and Terminalia grandiflora Benth. extracts: Identification of triterpenoid components
Background: Terminalia spp. are characterised by their high antioxidant capacities and many have anticancer activity. This study examines the anti-proliferative activity of T. carpentariae leaf andExpand
Tannin components and inhibitory activity of Kakadu plum leaf extracts against microbial triggers of autoimmune inflammatory diseases
Introduction: Autoimmune inflammatory diseases can be triggered by specific bacteria in susceptible individuals. Terminalia ferdinandiana (Kakadu plum) has documented therapeutic properties as aExpand
Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity Evaluation of Indian Terminalia spp. Against the Pharyngitis Causing Pathogen Streptococcus pyogenes.
The potent growth inhibitory bioactivity of the methanolic and ethyl acetate T. catappa and T. chebula extracts against S. pyogenes demonstrates their potential for the treatment and prevention of pharyngitis, impetigo and rheumatic heart disease. Expand
Comparison of the Antibacterial Activity of Australian Terminalia Spp. Extracts Against Klebsiella Pneumoniae: Novel Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis
Traditional medicines prepared using Terminalia species have been used globally to treat inflammation and pathogenic infections. Recent studies have demonstrated that multiple Asian and AfricanExpand
Kino Extracts have Anti-Giardial Activity and Inhibit Caco 2 and HeLa Cancer Cell Proliferation
Introduction: Terminalia ferdinandiana Exell. is an endemic Australian plant which is known for its exceptionally high antioxidant content. The fruit is a nutritional food and the leaves and kinosExpand
Improving facial eczema tolerance in New Zealand dairy cattle.
A protocol which, by removing sources of chlorophyll from the diet, allows animals to develop a sufficient range of liver damage to rank bulls for FE tolerance but does not cause animals to present with photosensitisation. Expand
Growth Inhibitory Activity of Indian Terminalia spp. against the Zoonotic Bacterium Bacillus anthracis
The potent growth inhibitory activity of the methanolic T. chebula fruit extract against B. anthracis indicates its potential in the treatment and prevention of anthrax, and due to its low toxicity, its use may extend to all forms of the disease (cutaneous, inhalation or gastrointestinal). Expand