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Law's Community: Legal Theory in Sociological Perspective
This collection of essays by a leading theorist attempts to re-locate the relationship between the traditional concerns of legal theory and the sociology of law by establishing a consistent approachExpand
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Subverting Orthodoxy, Making Law Central: A View of Sociolegal Studies
The promise of sociolegal research varies for different constituencies. For some legal scholars it has been a promise of sustained commitment to moral and political critique of law and to theoreticalExpand
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Transparency, mass media, ideology and community
Abstract The claim that media ‘simulate’ political transparency is misleading. It suggests that the ‘simulated’ exists in opposition to the ‘real’ or ‘true’ and, in turn, that transparency shouldExpand
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Why Must Legal Ideas Be Interpreted Sociologically
Sociology of law and socio-legal studies are sometimes declared unable to give insight into the nature of legal ideas or to clarify questions about legal doctrine. The idea that law has its ownExpand
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Emile Durkheim: Law in a Moral Domain
'Emile Durkheim: Law in a Moral Domain' is the first book in English devoted to a comprehensive examination of the legal ideas of this classical social theorist. It sets out radically to challengeExpand
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What Is Transnational Law?
Is it important to conceptualize transnational law and “map” it as a new legal field? This article suggests that to do so might help both juristic practice and sociolegal scholarship in organizing,Expand
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The Sociology of Law: An Introduction
The social basis of law law as an instrument of social change law as an integrative mechanism law, power and ideology the acceptance and legitimacy of law professional guardianship of law judges,Expand
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Spectres of Transnationalism: Changing Terrains of Sociology of Law
The growth of ‘legal transnationalism’– that is, the reach of law across nation-state borders and the impact of external political and legal pressures on nation-state law – undermines the mainExpand
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Law, Culture And Society
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Justice, Dignity, Torture, Headscarves: Can Durkheim’s Sociology Clarify Legal Values?
Émile Durkheim’s claims about justice, human dignity and the value system of moral individualism in complex modern societies are part of the canon of classical theoretical ideas that underpin socialExpand
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