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The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital
The services of ecological systems and the natural capital stocks that produce them are critical to the functioning of the Earth's life-support system. They contribute to human welfare, both directlyExpand
A safe operating space for humanity
Identifying and quantifying planetary boundaries that must not be transgressed could help prevent human activities from causing unacceptable environmental change, argue Johan Rockstrom and colleagues.
Changes in the global value of ecosystem services
In 1997, the global value of ecosystem services was estimated to average $33 trillion/yr in 1995 $US ($46 trillion/yr in 2007 $US). In this paper, we provide an updated estimate based on updated unitExpand
Planetary boundaries: Exploring the safe operating space for humanity
Anthropogenic pressures on the Earth System have reached a scale where abrupt global environmental change can no longer be excluded. We propose a new approach to global sustainability in which weExpand
The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital
This article provides a crude initial estimate of the value of ecosystem services to the economy. Using data from previous published studies and a few original calculations the current economic valueExpand
SPECIAL ISSUE: The Dynamics and Value of Ecosystem Services: Integrating Economic and Ecological Perspectives Economic and ecological concepts for valuing ecosystem services
The purpose of this special issue is to elucidate concepts of value and methods of valuation that will assist in guiding human decisions vis-a `-vis ecosystems. The concept of ecosystem service valueExpand
Global estimates of the value of ecosystems and their services in monetary units
This paper gives an overview of the value of ecosystem services of 10 main biomes expressed in monetary units. In total, over 320 publications were screened covering over 300 case study locations.Expand
Urban ecological systems: linking terrestrial ecological, physical, and socioeconomic components of metropolitan areas
Ecological studies of terrestrial urban systems have been approached along several kinds of contrasts: ecology in as opposed to ecology of cities; biogeochemical compared to organismal perspectives,Expand
Natural Capital and Sustainable Development
Abstract: A minimum necessary condition for sustainability is the maintenance of the total natural capital stock at or above the current level. While a lower stock of natural capital may beExpand