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The economic impact of consumer copyright exceptions:a literature review
Advances in the technology available to consumers have fundamentally altered the relationship between authors, rights-holders and consumers with regard to copyrighted creative works. The copyrightExpand
Economics of Copyright
The copyright industries — such as music, film, software and publishing — occupy a significant and growing share of economic activity. Current copyright law protects the creator for up to 70 yearsExpand
Digital decision making - back to the future
This book aims, through a gentle narrative approach, to stimulate an awareness of the issues and be a readable, challenging and informative introduction, both for university students and the general reader, to processes surrounding developments in technology and law which have important implications for the knowledge society. Expand
Back to the future: digital decision making
Digital decision making is not the rational process that the authors might assume or wish it to be, and it can even be difficult to define the boundaries of the social, political or technical environments to which the process applies. Expand
False sense of security
The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was planning procedural changes that would grab social media data for millions of immigrants. From this week, its "Alien Files" database will collateExpand
Ecology, intellectual property and a five point plan for a sustainable public domain?
At the turn of the century, Harvard evolutionary biologist and all round science polymath Edward O. Wilson wrote that more that 99% of the world's biodiversity was unknown and that we should rectifyExpand