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The Use of Contingent Valuation Methodology in Natural Resource Damage Assessments: Legal Fact and Economic Fiction
The creation of comprehensive statutory schemes for protection of the environment has required the legal system to focus on the definition problems associated with environmental goods and with theExpand
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Contingent Valuation Methodology in the Natural Resource Damage Regulatory Process: Choice Theory and the Embedding Phenomenon
In their most recent article on the use of Contingent Valuation Methodology ("CVM") in the natural resource damages assessment ("NRDA") process, the authors take issue with the CVM components of theExpand
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State coordination of cable communications policy: An idea whose time has come — again
In light of recent concerns about the adequacy of cable television regulation under the Cable Communications Policy Act, this article explores the legal and policy considerations associated withExpand
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Historical and Philosophical Look at the Death Penalty - Does It Serve Society's Needs, A
George Santayana, writing in "The Life of Reason," said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."' Nowhere does this admonition seem to be more appropriate than in connectionExpand
The Dynamics of Expression under the State Constitutions
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