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An analysis of soft tissue loading in the foot--a preliminary report.
The foot's response to load during weightbearing is investigated using finite element stress analysis of a two-dimensional model. The analysis predicts the stress states within the plantar aspectExpand
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Triple arthrodesis: twenty-five and forty-four-year average follow-up of the same patients.
BACKGROUND Triple arthrodesis is used to treat major deformities of the hindfoot and is often performed in young patients. The purpose of this study was to assess the long-term outcomes of tripleExpand
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How Effective Is Intensive Nonoperative Initial Treatment of Patients with Diabetes and Charcot Arthropathy of the Feet?
Diabetes mellitus and its related complications are increasing at epidemic rates in the United States. Similarly, Charcot foot and ankle deformities are becoming more prevalent. We did aExpand
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Studies of the Development and Decay of the Human Frame
Anyone fortunate enough to do both research and clinical medicine has the unique chance to transmit ideas between these disciplines and thereby advance both. The author, having had this opportunity,Expand
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Bone and brain: a review of neural, hormonal, and musculoskeletal connections.
Nerves have been identified in bone. Their function has recently become the focus of intense study. Metabolic control of bone is influenced by the nervous system. Potential transmitters of thisExpand
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Walking and Limping: A Study of Normal and Pathological Walking
The intricate dynamics of normal and abnormal walking render even the most eloquent and precise descriptions inert. Diagrams and photographs fail to express adequately the rhythmic integration of aExpand
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Fine structure of fast‐twitch and slow‐twitch guinea pig muscle fibers
The guinea pig soleus muscle is a convenient model for the study of slow‐twitch intermediate (STI) fiber ultrastructure because it is composed entirely of fibers of this class. Such fibers wereExpand
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Use of an educational taxonomy for evaluation of cognitive performance.
Complex cognitive processes, such as interpretation of information and problem-solving, form a critical part of medical practice; therefore, the aims of many educational programs include teachingExpand
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Biomechanics of the Normal and Diseased Hip: Theoretical Foundation, Technique and Results of Treatment
This atlas, formidable in both size and cost, outlines the use of osteotomy for treatment of coxa vara, femoral neck pseudoarthrosis, and osteoarthritis of the hip. The monograph demonstrates aExpand
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The Scientific Basis of Joint Replacement
Far too many authors of books and articles on biomechanics perpetuate the unwarranted assumption that clinicians have magically retained a knowledge of physics, algebra, and calculus. Some writingsExpand
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