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Inspection and Management of Bridges with Fracture-Critical Details
This synthesis may be useful to bridge owners and consulting engineers engaged in the design, inspection, and management of bridges with fracture-critical details, as a guide to presentExpand
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Manual for Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges
This Manual covers the relevant issues related to orthotropic steel deck bridge engineering, including analysis, design, detailing, fabrication, testing, inspection, evaluation, and repair. ItExpand
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Proposed Guideline for Reliability-Based Bridge Inspection Practices
This report presents a proposed guideline for reliability-based bridge inspection practices and provides two case studies of the application of the proposed Guideline. The guideline describes aExpand
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Prevention and Mitigation Strategies to Address Recent Brittle Fractures in Steel Bridges
Brittle fracture results in unplanned loss of service, very costly repairs, concern regarding the future safety of the structure, and potential loss of life. These types of failures are most criticalExpand
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In-Service Response of an Orthotropic Steel Deck Compared with Design Assumptions
To minimize the possibility of fatigue cracking on the new orthotropic deck of the Williamsburg Bridge, laboratory tests with a full-scale prototype panel were conducted. During the study,Expand
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Syn3 provides high levels of intravesical adenoviral-mediated gene transfer for gene therapy of genetically altered urothelium and superficial bladder cancer
Using our model to grow superficial human bladder cancer in the mouse bladder, we have found that the polyamide compound, Syn3, when injected intravesically for 1 hour at 1 mg/mL on two consecutiveExpand
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Interstitial Pressure in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Is Dominated by a Gel-Fluid Phase.
Elevated interstitial fluid pressure can present a substantial barrier to drug delivery in solid tumors. This is particularly true of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, a highly lethal diseaseExpand
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Trypanosomosis in goats in Zambia.
ILRI is one of 16 centres in a worldwide agricultural research network sponsored by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). ILRI conducts strategic research in theExpand
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