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Scaling of Connectivity in Marine Populations
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Are functional traits good predictors of demographic rates? Evidence from five neotropical forests.
The consistency of these results strongly suggests that tropical rain forest species face similar trade-offs in different sites and converge on similar sets of solutions.
Functional traits and the growth-mortality trade-off in tropical trees.
A trade-off between growth and mortality rates characterizes tree species in closed canopy forests and a growing consensus that seed mass, leaf mass per area, wood density, and maximum height are key traits among forest trees is agreed.
An emergent poxvirus from humans and cattle in Rio de Janeiro State: Cantagalo virus may derive from Brazilian smallpox vaccine.
Together, the data suggested that CTGV may have derived from VV-IOC by persisting in an indigenous animal(s), accumulating polymorphisms, and now emerging in cattle and milkers as CTGV, the first case of long-term persistence of vaccinia in the New World.
The bushmeat harvest alters seedling banks by favoring lianas, large seeds, and seeds dispersed by bats, Birds, and Wind
It is hypothesized that hunting large seed predators favors large seeds by reducing predation and increasing survival and that the harvest of large birds and mammals that disperse many seeds favors other species whose seeds are dispersed by bats, small birds, and mechanical means.
Isolation and preliminary characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants of vaccinia virus.
Methods have been developed for rapid isolation and genetic analysis of vaccinia virus mutants and four phenotypes appear: normal, a phenotype associated with DNA-negative mutants characterized by prolonged synthesis of early proteins and the absence of lateprotein synthesis, weak or slow late protein synthesis, and abortiveLate protein synthesis.
Recruitment Near Conspecific Adults and the Maintenance of Tree and Shrub Diversity in a Neotropical Forest
Most recruitment patterns did not fit the prediction of Janzen and Connell; however, two to three of the most common species may have reached densities at which a depression in local recruitment is regulating abundance.
The Status of the Panama Canal Watershed and Its Biodiversity at the Beginning of the 21st Century
P is a small Central American country, but it operates a big canal and the world keeps an eye on developments there. Problems with the canal or ecological disasters in its watershed would attract a