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A two-level hypertext retrieval model for legal data
This paper introduces an associative information retrieval model based on the two-level architecture proposed in [Agosti et al, 1989a] and[Agostiet al, 1990], andan experimental prototype developed
Towards Quantification of Inflammation in Atherosclerotic Plaque in the Clinic – Characterization and Optimization of Fluorine-19 MRI in Mice at 3 T
19F MRI is successfully used for the noninvasive quantification of PFC in atherosclerotic plaque in mice on a clinical scanner, demonstrating the feasibility of detecting very small inflammation foci at 3 T, and advancing the translation of 19F MRI to the human setting.
Characterization of perfluorocarbon relaxation times and their influence on the optimization of fluorine‐19 MRI at 3 tesla
To characterize and optimize 19F MRI for different perfluorocarbons (PFCs) at 3T and quantify the loss of acquisition efficiency as a function of different temperature and cellular conditions.
Isotropic three‐dimensional T2 mapping of knee cartilage: Development and validation
1) To implement a higher‐resolution isotropic 3D T2 mapping technique that uses sequential T2‐prepared segmented gradient‐recalled echo (Iso3DGRE) images for knee cartilage evaluation, and 2) to
Chemical shift encoding (CSE) for sensitive fluorine‐19 MRI of perfluorocarbons with complex spectra
To implement a fluorine‐19 (19F) chemical shift encoding (CSE) approach for the sensitive imaging of molecules with multi‐resonance spectra to remove their chemical shift displacement (CSD)
New prospectives in information retrieval techniques: a hypertext prototype in environmental law
L'etude de nouvelles formes de systemes de recherche d'information juridique s'impose suite au constat, d'une offre importante en banques de donnees et de leur sous-utilisation... La nature meme de
Simultaneous fat‐free isotropic 3D anatomical imaging and T2 mapping of knee cartilage with lipid‐insensitive binomial off‐resonant RF excitation (LIBRE) pulses
Improved knee cartilage morphological delineation and T2 mapping precision necessitates isotropic 3D high‐resolution and efficient fat suppression.
Free‐running 5D coronary MR angiography at 1.5T using LIBRE water excitation pulses
To implement, optimize, and characterize lipid‐insensitive binomial off‐resonant RF excitation (LIBRE) pulses for fat‐suppressed fully self‐gated free‐running 5D cardiac MRI.
A characterization of ABL‐101 as a potential tracer for clinical fluorine‐19 MRI
Assessment of ABL‐101 as a 19F MRI tracer demonstrates that it has 19F MR characteristics that are similar to those of PFCs developed specifically for MRI, while it has clearance half‐lives similar to P FCs that have previously been used in large doses in non‐MRI clinical trials.
Issues of Data Modelling in Information Retrieval
The characteristics of this recently introduced information retrieval, data modelling approach are presented here together with examples of its use in a working ptototype.