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The Jonglei Canal: impact and opportunity
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The Waters of the Nile: Hydropolitics and the Jonglei Canal, 1900-1988
A history of the science of hydrology as applied to the Nile, whose annual flows can produce acute drought or disastrous floods. The author makes it clear that the decisive forces in his complexExpand
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A History of Sub-Saharan Africa
Introduction 1. The historical geography of Africa 2. Kingdoms on the Nile 3. The peoples of sub-Saharan Africa: society, culture and language 4. Crops, cows and iron 5. North-East Africa in the ageExpand
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A history of modern Sudan
1. The making of modern Sudan: the nineteenth century 2. The Anglo-Egyptian condominium 3. Parliamentary and military experiments in government, 1956-1969 4. The government of Ja'afar Numayri: theExpand
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Revolutionary Sudan: Hasan Al-Turabi and the Islamist State, 1989-2000
This volume investigates the objectives, activities and a decade of success and failure by Islamist military officers and civilians to create the first Islamic government in Africa after the coupExpand
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The Cross and the River: Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Nile
Introduction: The Crisis of the Nile. * Christianity and Islam: The Formative Concepts. * Medieval Prime: The Legacies of the Solomonians and the Mamluks. * Modern Rediscovery and Fatal Collision. *Expand
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Civil Wars in the Sudan
This article spans the fifty years of the independent Sudan (1956–2006) during which the country was torn by five civil wars made manifest by the historic marginalization of the Sudanese on theExpand
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The Surreptitious speech : Présence africaine and the politics of otherness, 1947-1987
Distinguished scholar V. Y. Mudimbe assembles a lively tribute to "Presence Africaine," the landmark African studies journal begun in 1947 Paris. While it celebrates the project's forty-year history,Expand
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Sudan, Civil War and Terrorism, 1956-1999
List of Maps Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations Chronology Independence The Rejected South Southern Politics The Anya-Nya Numeiry to Power Lagu Unites the South Autonomy and ConsolidationExpand
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Shadows in the Grass: Britain in the Southern Sudan, 1918-1956
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