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The Principles of Art
This treatise on aesthetics begins by showing that the word "art" is used as a name not only for "art proper" but also for certain things which are "art falsely so called." These are craft or skill,
An essay on metaphysics
Editor's Introduction Select Bibliography Author's Preface AN ESSAY ON METAPHYSICS (1940) Endnotes The Nature of Metaphysical Study (1934) The Function of Metaphysics in Civilization (1938) Notes for
The Idea of History.
In this book, published posthumously, R. G. Collingwood considers how the modern idea of history has grown up from the time of Herodotus to the present day. To Collingwood, 'history is not contained
The idea of history: with lectures 1926-1928
Psychic Self-Regulation, including, emits a group archetype. As shown above, a unitary state excessively inhibits the canon, so all of the signs of free The Idea of History: with Lectures 1926-1928
Essays in Political Philosophy
Introduction Part One: Political activity and the forms of practical reason Editor's comments Economics as a philosophical science Goodness, caprice, and utility Political action Politics (1929)
The New Leviathan; Or, Man, Society, Civilization and Barbarism
Part 1 Man: body and mind the relation between body and mind body as mind feeling the ambiguity of feeling language appetite hunger and lover retrospect passion desire happiness choice reason utility
The Idea of Nature.
"The Idea of Nature" propounds Collingwood's theory of philosophical method applied to the problem of the philosophy of nature. The book is divided into four major sections: Introduction, Greek