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The Fusion Advanced Studies Torus (FAST): a proposal for an ITER satellite facility in support of the development of fusion energy
FAST is a new machine proposed to support ITER experimental exploitation as well as to anticipate DEMO relevant physics and technology. FAST is aimed at studying, under burning plasma relevantExpand
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Design study of an AC power supply system in JT-60SA
Abstract In the initial research phase of JT-60SA, which is the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) satellite Tokamak with superconducting toroidal and poloidal magnetic fieldExpand
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Enabling and disabling policy environments for community-led sustainability transitions
This paper explores the role public policies have or may have in favoring or disfavoring the emergence, development, and diffusion of community-based sustainability initiatives. To this end, itExpand
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Detailed Analysis of the Transient Voltage in a JT-60SA PF Coil Circuit
A superconducting coil system is actually complicated by the distributed parameters, e.g. the distributed mutual inductance among turns and the distributed capacitance between adjacent conductors. InExpand
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Beyond Fortress ‘EU’rope? Bordering and Cross-Bordering Along the European External Frontiers
This introductory chapter gives an overview of debates about the contents and limits of the European Neighbourhood Policy, and of how the book intends to contribute to them. It focuses, inExpand
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JT-60SA power supply system
Abstract The paper describes the main features of the Superconducting Magnets Power Supply to generate the toroidal and poloidal magnetic fields in JT-60SA tokamak, with special regard to coilExpand
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Cross-Border Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean and Beyond: Between Policy Transfers and Regional Adaptations
Since 2007, the Euro-Mediterranean area has been included among the mesoregions covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Such a choice has not been exempted from criticisms, insofar as theExpand
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