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Emerging infectious diseases in southeast Asia: regional challenges to control
Summary Southeast Asia is a hotspot for emerging infectious diseases, including those with pandemic potential. Emerging infectious diseases have exacted heavy public health and economic tolls.Expand
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Risk factors for pulmonary tuberculosis in Russia: case-control study
Abstract Objectives To determine risk factors for pulmonary tuberculosis in Russia. Design Case-control study of exposure to a variety of risk factors before and during the development of pulmonaryExpand
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How prepared is Europe for pandemic influenza? Analysis of national plans
BACKGROUND The threat of a human pandemic of influenza has prompted urgent development of national preparedness plans. We assessed these plans, to judge Europe's preparedness for pandemic influenza.Expand
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Late diagnosis of HIV in Europe: definitional and public health challenges
Abstract With universal access to antiretroviral therapy (ART), people can access effective treatment but are only able to benefit from these advances if they are aware of their status and areExpand
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Pandemic influenza preparedness in Africa is a profound challenge for an already distressed region: analysis of national preparedness plans
Abstract A new highly pathogenic strain of influenza virus, H5N1, has emerged causing severe outbreaks in poultry and high mortality rates when humans are infected. The threat of a new influenzaExpand
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Pandemic influenza preparedness in the Asia–Pacific region
Summary Concerns are mounting that the threat of another influenza pandemic will become a reality and that the epicentre of the outbreak could be the Asia–Pacific region. We assessed theExpand
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Health systems, communicable diseases and integration.
The HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria pandemics pose substantial challenges globally and to health systems in the countries they affect. This demands an institutional approach that can integrateExpand
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Communicable disease control programmes and health systems: an analytical approach to sustainability.
There is renewed concern over the sustainability of disease control programmes, and re-emergence of policy recommendations to integrate programmes with general health systems. However, theExpand
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A conceptual and analytical approach to comparative analysis of country case studies: HIV and TB control programmes and health systems integration.
Attempts to comparatively analyse large-scale communicable disease control programmes have, for the most part, neglected the wider health system contexts within which the programmes lie. In addition,Expand
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Towards a conceptual framework to support one-health research for policy on emerging zoonoses
Summary In the past two decades there has been a growing realisation that the livestock sector was in a process of change, resulting from an expansion of intensive animal production systems andExpand
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