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A Composite CO survey of the entire Milky Way
Large-scale CO surveys of the entire Galactic plane and specific nearby clouds have been combined to produce a panorama of the entire Milky Way in molecular clouds at an angular resolution of 1/2°.Expand
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The largest molecular cloud complexes in the first galactic quadrant
The CO emission within a few kiloparsecs of the Sun is dominated by a small number of very large molecular complexes, including those associated with the Orion Nebula (Thaddeus 1982), M16 and M17Expand
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Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the Inner Galaxy: A Comparison of CO, H ii, and Far-Infrared Surveys
Surveys of the galactic plane over galactic latitudes from -1 degree to +1 degree and galactic longitudes from 12 degrees to 60 degrees are compared in the CO line at 2.6 mm, in the far-infraredExpand
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Molecular clouds in the Carina arm - The largest objects, associated regions of star formation, and the Carina arm in the Galaxy
The Columbia CO survey of the southern Galactic plane is used to identify giant molecular clouds and cloud complexes in the Vela-Carina-Centaurus section of the Galaxy. Twenty-seven giant molecularExpand
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Isotope geochemistry of xenoliths from East Africa: Implications for development of mantle reservoirs and their interaction
Pb, Nd and Sr isotope analyses together with U, Pb, Sm, Nd, Rb and Sr concentrations have been obtained for separated phases of lherzolite and bulk rock mafic granulite xenoliths in Recent volcanicsExpand
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Dot-Depth of Star-Free Events
A regular event is star-free if it can be denoted by a regular expression involvingonly Boolean operations and concatenation (dot). Expand
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Molecular clouds in the Carina arm - Large-scale properties of molecular gas and comparison with H I
Results from the first large-scale survey in the CO (J = 1 - 0) line of the Vela-Carina-Centaurus region of the southern Milky Way are reported. The results demonstrate that molecular clouds in theExpand
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A deep CO survey of molecular clouds in the southern Milky Way
The complete set of observations from the first out-of-plane CO survey of the southern Milky Way is presented. A spatial map, obtained by integrating the CO emission over the entire observed spectralExpand
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