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Standardization of in situ techniques for ruminant feedstuff evaluation.
Over the last two decades, in situ techniques have been used extensively for measuring ruminal degradation of feedstuffs. Current predictive models put renewed emphasis on the need for quantitativeExpand
Effect of increasing degradable intake protein on intake and digestion of low-quality, tallgrass-prairie forage by beef cows.
Five ruminally and duodenally fistulated Angus x Hereford cows were used in a 5 x 5 Latin square to monitor intake, ruminal fermentation responses, and site and extent of digestion associated withExpand
Influence of dietary energy on follicular development, serum gonadotropins, and first postpartum ovulation in suckled beef cows.
Twenty-eight Hereford x Angus cows (4 yr of age) were used to determine the effects of pre- and postpartum dietary energy on performance and reproductive function in suckled beef cows. The experimentExpand
Effects of different supplemental sugars and starch fed in combination with degradable intake protein on low-quality forage use by beef steers.
Twenty ruminally fistulated steers (Exp. 1, 448 kg and Exp. 2, 450 kg) were used in two consecutive randomized complete block experiments with five treatments in each experiment. The purpose was toExpand
Effect of frequency of supplementation and protein concentration in supplements on performance and digestion characteristics of beef cattle consuming low-quality forages.
Three experiments evaluated whether effects of altered frequency of supplementation on forage use and cow performance depended on supplement CP concentration and (or) grain type when fed to cattleExpand
Influence of timing of gain on growth and reproductive performance of beef replacement heifers.
Our objective was to determine whether beef heifers could be developed by delaying the majority of weight gain until the last third of the developmental period before the onset of the breedingExpand
Vegetation trends in tallgrass prairie from bison and cattle grazing
Comparisons between how bison and cattle grazing affect the plant community are understood poorly because of confounding differences in how the herbivores are typically managed. This 10-year studyExpand
Grazing management effects on plant species diversity in tallgrass prairie
Abstract A 6-year study was conducted in tallgrass prairie to assess the effects of grazing management (cattle stocking densities and grazing systems) on plant community composition and diversity.Expand
Effects of calcium soaps of fatty acids on postpartum reproductive function in beef cows.
Twelve multiparous Simmental cows (584 kg) were used to determine the influence of calcium soaps of fatty acids (CSFA) incorporated in a range supplement on postpartum reproductive characteristics.Expand