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Pseudoisocyanin staining of insulin and specificity of empirical islet cell stains.
  • R. Coalson
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Stain technology
  • 1 March 1966
Two closely related pseudoisocyanins, N,N'-diethyl-6,6'-dichlorpseudoisocyanin chloride and N, N'-diethylpseudoisocyanin chloride, were tested for their metachromatic staining behavior with oxidizedExpand
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Influence of secretin and pentagastrin on acid secretion and parietal cell number in rats.
Four groups of male rats were surgically prepared with gastric cannulas. Basal and maximal acid outputs were determined three times before starting injections. Each rat was injected three times perExpand
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The effect of castration on the weight and composition of the muscles of the guinea pig.
ONE of the expressions of the protein anabolic effect of the androgens is an increase in muscle mass. This is strikingly demonstrated by the temporal muscle of the guinea pig (Papanicolaou and FalkExpand
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Fetal Circulation and Changes at Birth
Before birth, the respiratory functions of the lungs are performed by the placenta and, as a consequence, the umbilical (allantoic) or placental veins carry oxygenated blood back to the heart.Expand
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Fertilization and Pregnancy
Fertilization normally occurs shortly after ovulation (12–24 hours) and while the ovum is located in the upper part of the uterine tube (ampulla). Before fertilization can be effected, however, theExpand
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K transport and mechanical responses of isolated longitudinal smooth muscle from guinea pig ileum.
The longitudinal smooth muscle layer of the guinea pig ileum was isolated in order to investigate its contractile responses and unidirectional K42 fluxes. Pilocarpine (7.5 x 10–6 m), acetylcholineExpand
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Experimental Microsporum canis infections in kittens.
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Alveolar cell carcinoma-like antigen and antibodies in patients with alveolar cell carcinoma and other cancers.
Antiserum was produced in sheep against a particle pellet recovered from human alveolar cell carcinoma (ACC). The antiserum was used for the detection of similar antigens in patients with ACC usingExpand
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Alveolar cell carcinoma: an in vitro study.
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