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Untersuchungen über das Vorkommen der Laufkäfer [Col.: Carabidae] auf Europäischen Getreidefeldern
ZusammenfassungMit Bodenfallen wurde das Auftreten der Laufkäfer vorwiegend in Winterweizenfeldern in der Zeit von Ende Mai bis Anfang August 1973 und 1974 in Belgien, Deutschland, den NiederlandenExpand
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Presentism and the Problem of Cross-Time Relations
Presentism is the view that only present entities exist. Recently, several authors have asked the question whether presentism is able to account for cross-time relations, i.e., roughly, relationsExpand
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Reflections on a Sofa Bed: Functional Beauty and Looking Fit
This essay argues for two conclusions about functional beauty as the notion has been understood by Glenn Parsons and Allen Carlson in a recent book by the same name. First of all, it is argued thatExpand
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Women in Philosophy: Problems with the Discrimination Hypothesis
A number of philosophers attribute the underrepresentation of women in philosophy largely to bias against women or some kind of wrongful discrimination. They cite six sources of evidence to supportExpand
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We address the question of what is to be considered a ‘best’ approximation of identity by means of relations that have all of the aforementioned features, i.e., equivalence relations. Expand
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A Peculiarity in Pearl’s Logic of Interventionist Counterfactuals
We examine a formal semantics for counterfactual conditionals due to Judea Pearl. Expand
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The Metaphysics of Art Restoration
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De-crosslinkable networks
Recent extensive studies have distinguished a special class of polymers which are able to form thermotropic mesophases despite the absence of mesogenes in their chemical structure [1]. In the mostExpand
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