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Using biogeographical patterns of endemic land snails to improve conservation planning for limestone karsts
Abstract Limestone karsts on tropical land masses are considered de facto habitat islands due to their isolation from one another by non-calcareous substrata; this spatial configuration limits geneExpand
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Importance of reservoirs for the conservation of freshwater molluscs in a tropical urban landscape.
Abstract Freshwater species and ecosystems are gravely imperiled, particularly within urban landscapes of tropical Asia. In one of the region’s most urbanized landscapes (i.e., Singapore), weExpand
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Forests reserved for rubber
Among the world’s tropical regions, Southeast Asia has the highest relative deforestation rate and, for many faunal and floral groups, very high proportions of endemic and threatened speciesExpand
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Effects of pasture species mixture, management, and environment on the productivity and persistence of dairy pastures in south-west Victoria. 1. Herbage accumulation and seasonal growth pattern
An experiment was conducted on 2 contrasting soil types for 4 years (1998–2001) to determine the effects of plant species mixture, management inputs, and environment on sown species herbageExpand
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Examining Practice and Learning Effects With Serial Administration of the Clinical Reaction Time Test in Healthy Young Athletes.
CONTEXT The clinical reaction time (RTclin) test has been recommended as a valid test for assessing concussion and determining recovery of reaction time function following concussion. However, it isExpand
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