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  • R. Clayton
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  • Journal of lipid research
  • 1964
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Distribution and dynamic state of sterols and steroids in the tissues of an insect, the roach Eurycotis floridana.
The total concentrations of sterols in the tissues of the roach, Eurycotis floridana, reared under aseptic conditions and on semisynthetic diets, are similar to, but somewhat lower than, those ofExpand
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Localization of a Steroid 11β-Hydroxylase in the Inner Membrane Subfraction of Rat Adrenal Mitochondria1
This study shows that the 11β- hydroxylase system is associated with the inner membrane subfraction of rat adrenal mitochondria. Inner and outer membrane subfractions of mitochondriaare obtained byExpand
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Cholesterol ester concentration and corticosterone production in adrenals of the C57BL-10 and DBA-2 strains in relation to adrenal lipid depletion.
During incubations in vitro for 2 hr in the presence of ACTH, adrenals of adult male C57BL/1OJ mice synthesized significantly more corticosterone from endogenous precursors than did adrenals of adultExpand
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Reductive metabolism of corticosterone in mice: differences in NADPH requirements of liver homogenates of males of two inbred strains.
The metabolism of 3H-corticosterone by C57BL/1OJ and DBA/2J mice has been studied in homogenates of liver from the two strains with and without the addition of a NADPH-generating system. A completeExpand
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Dissociation of adrenal corticosteroid production from ACTH in water-restricted female rats.
These experiments were undertaken to investigate the mechanism whereby a precipitous drop in plasma corticosterone concentration is brought about following drinking in rats on a restricted waterExpand
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Stimulation of erythroblast maturation in vitro by sphingolipids.
A lipid factor previously isolated from leukocytes and found to stimulate basophilic erythroblast formation in an in vitro system of incubated rabbit bone marrow cells has been analyzed by thin-layerExpand
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Compilation of bottom-up evaluation for a pure logic programming language
This thesis presents a compilation scheme for the Starlog logic programming language. Expand
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Induced pore pressure response during undrained deformation of tuff and sandstone
Abstract Deformation under undrained conditions, in which excess fluid mass is prevented from leaving the rock mass, occurs in several situations of interest. For loading under such conditions,Expand
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