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Theory and Applications of Correspondence Analysis
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The ecology of Myrmica ants in relation to the conservation of Maculinea butterflies
Maculinea butterflies in Europe, and probably most of Asia, are host specific social parasites of various species of Myrmica ants. The latest summary of field data showing the pattern of hostExpand
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Long distance seed dispersal by wind: measuring and modelling the tail of the curve
Abstract The size and shape of the tail of the seed dispersal curve is important in determining the spatial dynamics of plants, but is difficult to quantify. We devised an experimental protocol toExpand
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Uncertainty in the estimation of mean annual flood due to rating-curve indefinition
Abstract When rating-curves of the form Q = γ ( h + α ) β are fitted by least-squares, goodness of fit as measured by the coefficient of determination r 2 is often close to 1, suggesting thatExpand
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Measurement of river level variations with satellite altimetry
Quantitative assessment of water levels and river discharge is often made difficult by large distances, limited access, and low population densities in remote areas. Satellite altimetry provides aExpand
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Further evidence of changes in the hydrological regime of the River Paraguay : part of a wider phenomenon of climate change?
Abstract Analysis of flow measured at 20 sites, rainfall measured at 36 sites, and a 95-year record of water-level at one site in the basin of the River Paraguay (area 1095×10 3  km 2 ) showed thatExpand
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Interspecific differences in cuticular hydrocarbon profiles of Myrmica ants are sufficiently consistent to explain host specificity by Maculinea (large blue) butterflies
The chemical signatures on the cuticles of five common Myrmica ant species were analysed (49 colonies of M.rubra, M.ruginodis, M.sabuleti, M.scabrinodis and M.schencki), each ant being the specificExpand
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A distribution function approach to rainfall runoff modeling
This paper begins with a critique of existing rainfall runoff models and proceeds to a largely new formulation in which the single store (representing, for example, interception of rainfall byExpand
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National-scale vegetation change across Britain; an analysis of sample-based surveillance data from the Countryside Surveys of 1990 and 1998.
Patterns of vegetation across Great Britain (GB) between 1990 and 1998 were quantified based on an analysis of plant species data from a total of 9596 fixed plots. Plots were established on aExpand
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Changes on the heathlands in Dorset, England, between 1987 and 1996
In 1996 all of the heathland in south-east Dorset, southern England, was surveyed using the same recording protocols as those used in surveys in 1978 and 1987. This approach enabled the extent of theExpand
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