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A two-step Hilbert transform method for 2D image reconstruction.
The paper describes a new accurate two-dimensional (2D) image reconstruction method consisting of two steps. In the first step, the backprojected image is formed after taking the derivative of theExpand
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Image reconstruction from fan-beam projections on less than a short scan.
This work is concerned with 2D image reconstruction from fan-beam projections. It is shown that exact and stable reconstruction of a given region-of-interest in the object does not require all linesExpand
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Analytic method based on identification of ellipse parameters for scanner calibration in cone-beam tomography.
This paper is about calibration of cone-beam (CB) scanners for both x-ray computed tomography and single-photon emission computed tomography. Scanner calibration refers here to the estimation of aExpand
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Truncated Hilbert transform and image reconstruction from limited tomographic data
A data sufficiency condition for 2D or 3D region-of-interest (ROI) reconstruction from a limited family of line integrals has recently been introduced using the relation between the backprojection ofExpand
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A cone-beam reconstruction algorithm using shift-variant filtering and cone-beam backprojection
An exact inversion formula written in the form of shift-variant filtered-backprojection (FBP) is given for reconstruction from cone-beam data taken from any orbit satisfying H.K. Tuy's (1983)Expand
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Cone-beam reconstruction using the backprojection of locally filtered projections
This paper describes a flexible new methodology for accurate cone beam reconstruction with source positions on a curve (or set of curves). The inversion formulas employed by this methodology areExpand
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Tomographic Reconstruction in the 21st Century
Image reconstruction from projections is the field that lays the foundations for computed tomography (CT). For several decades, the established principles were applied not only to medical scanners inExpand
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Direct determination of geometric alignment parameters for cone-beam scanners.
This paper describes a comprehensive method for determining the geometric alignment parameters for cone-beam scanners (often called calibrating the scanners or performing geometric calibration). TheExpand
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Quantitative reconstruction from truncated projections in classical tomography
We prove that some kinds of truncation are entirely admissible for region-of-interest (ROI) reconstructions in classical tomography, contrary to the long-standing folklore that two-dimensionalExpand
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New super-short-scan algorithms for fan-beam and cone-beam reconstruction
This paper deals with image reconstruction from fan-beam and cone-beam projections when only a region of interest (ROI) is to be reconstructed. We propose a new fan-beam FBP algorithm which canExpand
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