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Association between Sarcopenic Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypertension in Overweight and Obese Treatment-Seeking Adult Women
Logistic regression analysis showed that SO increases the odds of having type 2 diabetes and hypertension by nearly 550% after adjusting for central fat, eating habits, level of physical activity, and smoking. Expand
Comparison of crack growth simulation by DBEM and FEM for SEN-specimens undergoing torsion or bending loading
The 3D fatigue crack growth behaviour in 3PB-specimens or in cantilever beam specimens under, respectively, bending or torsion loading, with inclined planes for the initial crack, is investigated byExpand
Analysis of the occlusal stress transmitted to the inferior alveolar nerve by an osseointegrated threaded fixture.
A numeric Mandibular model based on the boundary element method was created to simulate a mandibular segment containing a threaded fixture to assess the pressure on the trigeminal nerve, as induced by the occlusal loads, and the nerve pressure increased rapidly with a bone density decrease. Expand
Modal acoustic transfer vector approach in a FEM–BEM vibro-acoustic analysis
In this work a combined usage of the two methodologies is adopted: FEM is used for the structural dynamics and BEM for the acoustic problem resolution, and the adopted FEM–BEM approach takes advantage of the Modal Acoustic Transfer Vector algorithm. Expand
Analysis of the occlusal stress transmitted to the inferior alveolar nerve by an osseointegrated threaded fixture.
This study suggested a distance of 1.5 mm to prevent implant damage to the underlying inferior alveolar nerve when biomechanical loading was taken into consideration. Expand
Thermo-mechanical crack propagation in aircraft engine vane by coupled FEM-DBEM approach
The proposed procedure has been tested on a gas turbine vane, getting sound results, and can be made fully automatic, thanks to in house made routines needed to facilitate the data exchange between the two adopted codes. Expand
A two-parameter model for crack growth simulation by combined FEM-DBEM approach
A two-parameters crack growth model, based on the usage of two threshold material parameters and on the allowance for residual stresses, introduced at the crack tip by a fatigue load spectrum or by material plastic deformations is described. Expand
DBEM and FEM analysis on non-linear multiple crack propagation in an aeronautic doubler-skin assembly
The performance of a riveted patch repair, applied on a cracked panel, is simulated by using both a commercially available boundary element code (BEASY) and a finite element code (ANSYS). AExpand
Fatigue surface crack growth in cylindrical specimen under combined loading
Abstract The subject for studies is a steel bar of circular cross-section with straight-fronted edge notch undergoing fatigue loads. Both the optical microscope measurements and the crack openingExpand
Multiple surface crack propagation: numerical simulations and experimental tests
In-house experimental observations of three-dimensional fatigue crack growth are compared to numerical predictions by the Boundary Element code BEASY. Fracture analysis results for a complex geometryExpand