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The maximal covering location problem
The use of a maximal service distance as a measure of the value of a given locational configuration has been discussed at length by Toregas and ReVelle 1 who show that it is an important surrogate measurement for the value.
Identifying Critical Infrastructure: The Median and Covering Facility Interdiction Problems
Abstract Facilities and their services can be lost due to natural disasters as well as to intentional strikes, either by terrorism or an army. An intentional strike against a system is called
Geographical information systems and location science
  • R. Church
  • Computer Science
    Comput. Oper. Res.
  • 1 May 2002
Protecting Critical Assets: The r-interdiction median problem with fortification
A new integer-linear programming model is presented that optimally allocates fortification resources in order to minimize the impact of interdiction and demonstrates that the presence of fortification can impact which system elements are considered critical.
Mapping transit‐based access: integrating GIS, routes and schedules
It is seen that current methods fall short in measuring transit service access in several meaningful aspects, and new refinements that can be used to help overcome some of these shortcomings are proposed.