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Dynamics of two populations of the humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae (Borowski)
Results of studies of the structure and dynamics of two humpback whale stocks of the southern hemisphere (group IV, 70o E.-130°E.; group V, 130o E.-170o W.) are drawn together. Estimates are made ofExpand
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The Breeding Cycle of the Female Humpback Whale, Megaptera nodosa (Bonnaterre)
The gestation period in the humpback whale is of almost 12 months' duration, most conceptions occurring early in August with parturition at the beginning of the following August. The modal length ofExpand
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Breeding of Panulirus longipes cygnus George under natural and controlled conditions
Fertilization of eggs is external: the female does not need to be newly moulted to be mated. The incubation period of eggs (19-68 days) varied inversely with water temperature, being longest at 19o CExpand
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Environmental Factors Affecting Growth and Survival of Juvenile Western Rock Lobsters Panulirus longipes* (Milne-Edwards)
The effects of temperature, photoperiod, oxygen, food supply, crowding, and autotomy of limbs have been measured under controlled conditions in aquaria. Growth rate increased with temperature to aExpand
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Aerial Observations on the Humpback Whale, Megaptera nodosa (Bonnaterre), with Notes on Other Species
Aerial observations of humpback whales in the region of Point Cloates, Western Australia, during 1952 are recorded. The first southward-moving humpback whale was sighted on July 21, while decreasingExpand
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Determination of Age in the Humpback Whale, Megaptera nodosa (Bonnaterre)
The use of baleen, ear plugs, and ovaries in the determination of age in humpback whales is described. From the evidence of baleen, the majority of humpback whales reach puberty at 4 or 5 years ofExpand
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Growth of juvenile Panulirus longipes cygnus George on coastal reefs compared with those reared under optimal environmental conditions
The growth of a group of six juvenile western rock lobsters raised for 6 years in aquaria was well represented by the von Bertalanffy equation lt = 113.47{1-exp{-0.459(t-1.045)}] Using single-moultExpand
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Aspects of Reproduction in the Male Humpback Whale, Megaptera nodosa (Bonnaterre)
At puberty, male humpback whales off the Western Australian coast have an average body length of 36 ft 9 in. From histological examination of the testes, the extreme range of lengths at puberty isExpand
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Studies on the Ovaries of the Humback Whale, Megaptera nodosa (Bonnaterre), on the Western Australian Coast
Observations on the increase of ovarian weight in the female humpback whale cover stages from late foetal life until after the attainment of sexual maturity. Variations in ovary weight duringExpand
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Home Range, Homing and Dominance in Juvenile Western Rock Lobsters
Home ranges of juvenile western rock lobsters (Panulirus longipes cygnus George), measured on a relatively uncrowded reef over a period of one year, did not exceed a radius of 15 m. Tagged juvenilesExpand
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