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Rational Choice and the Price of Marriage
This paper accepts the thesis that marriage decisions reflect rational behavior based on weighing benefits and costs. It develops a concept of a marriage price that measures the excess services oneExpand
The Dominant Firm Model Revisited
This paper extends the standard Forchheimer dominant firm model by making more explicit shifts in the fringe supply when the market price set the dominant firm deviate from its limit price. ItExpand
The link between male employment and child maltreatment in the U.S., 2000–2012
State-level child maltreatment rates were statistically significant and inversely related to the state-level employment rates of men, aged 20 to 34yrs old and the interaction of child poverty and living in a single-parent household is positively related to child malt treatment rates. Expand
Black male employment and tight labor markets
We know how to operate the economy so that there is a tight labor market . . . . The government could choose to control it so that unemployment averaged 3.5 or 3 percent instead of remaining over 4.5Expand
Racial Thought and the Early Economics Profession
During the first part of the twentieth century racial theories sup? porting the belief in Nordic superiority developed and thrived in the United States. These theories buttressed the anti-immigrationExpand
Labor Market Conditions and US Teen Birth Rates, 2001–2009
Using unemployment rates as the sole labor market explanatory variable, most previous studies have concluded that employment conditions do not systematically influence teen birth rates. By contrast,Expand
Immigration and race: What we think we know
Since the 1965 changes in immigration laws, there have been widely differing views on the value of the new wave of immigration. Some think immigration has very large economic and social benefitsExpand