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Women and the Labour Market: Recent Trends and Policy Issues
This paper provides a review of the progress of women in the labour market over the last 30 years. We begin with a discussion of the theoretical underpinnings and the empirical evidence of the labourExpand
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Inequality and polarization of male earnings in the United States, 1968–1990
Abstract In this paper we examine trends in inequality and polarization of U.S. male earnings using recently developed techniques of statistical inference to test for distributional changes. We findExpand
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Determinants of the Compensation and Mobility of School Superintendents
Analyzing 1978–83 panel data from more than 700 New York State school districts, the authors find evidence that school superintendents were rewarded, both by higher salary increases and by enhancedExpand
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On Estimating the Effects of Increased Aid to Education
Excerpt] The 1983 report, A Nation at Risk, of the National Commission on Excellence in Education decried the state of public education in the United States and suggested a number of reforms. AmongExpand
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Are School Superintendents Rewarded for “Performance”?
Excerpt] This chapter presents analyses of the compensation and mobility of school superintendents in New York State during the 1978-79 to 1982-83 period. The focus is on school superintendentsExpand
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Globalization and the Modernization of Canadian Labour Policy
This paper considers the potential effects of globalization on a Canadian approach to achieving greater economic competitiveness and social well-being that relies heavily upon a new "human capitalExpand
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A Simultaneous Analysis of Grievance Activity and Outcome Decisions
The authors develop an approach for simultaneously analyzing the determinants of grievance filing activity and grievance outcomes at each stage of the grievance process. The value of this approach isExpand
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The Extent of Economic Vulnerability in the Canadian Labour Market and Federal Jurisdiction: Is There a Role for Labour Standards?
This paper characterizes vulnerable workers in Canada and the federal jurisdiction, based upon characteristics such as employment status, demographic characteristics, and job characteristics, andExpand
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Health Services Restructuring in Canada: New Evidence and New Directions
Contributors include Margaret Denton (McMaster), Herb Emery (Calgary), Aidan Hollis (Calgary), Ana Johnson-Masotti (Queen's), Harvey Lazar (Queen's and Victoria), Greg Marchildon (Regina), LisaExpand
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