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Cultural History: Between Practices and Representations
Part I: Debate and Interpretations 1 Intellectual History and History of "Mentalites": A Dual Re-evaluation 2 Philosophy and History 3 Social Figuration and Habitus: Reading Elias 4 Text, Symbols andExpand
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The order of books : readers, authors, and libraries in Europe between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries
The Order of Books: Readers, Authors, and Libraries in Europe Between the Fourteenth and Eighteenth Centuries, 0804722676, 9780804722674, Roger Chartier, 1994, Stanford University Press, 1994, 126Expand
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Forms and Meanings
Representations of the written word -- Princely patronage and the economy of dedication -- From court festivity to city spectators -- Popular appropriati : the readers and their books.
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On the edge of the cliff : history, language, and practices
The importance of history has been powerfully reaffirmed in recent years by the appearance of major new authors, pathbreaking works, and fresh interpretations of historical events, trends, andExpand
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Binding and unbinding
This essay sets out to analyse the seven successive or contemporary forms in which Shakespeare’s poems and plays were published from the 1590s until the end of the eighteenth century. It highlights aExpand
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Laborers and voyagers: From the text to the reader
Farfrom being writers-founders of their own place, heirs to the peasants of earlier ages now working on the soil of language, diggers of wells and builders of houses-readers are voyagers; they moveExpand
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Genre between Literature and History
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History, Time, and Space
To better judge the novelty of the issues raised today, it is perhaps worth recalling the two main interrogations formulated at the time. The first interrogation came directly from the identificationExpand
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