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Facing Ethical Challenges in the Workplace: Conceptualizing and Measuring Professional Moral Courage
Scholars have shown renewed interest in the construct of courage. Recent studies have explored its theoretical underpinnings and measurement. Yet courage is generally discussed in its broad form toExpand
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Obesity Promotes Inflammation in Periaortic Adipose Tissue and Angiotensin II–Induced Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Formation
Objective—Obesity promotes macrophage infiltration into adipose tissue and is associated with increases in several cardiovascular diseases. Infusion of angiotensin II (AngII) to mice inducesExpand
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Drinking motives as mediators of the impulsivity-substance use relation: pathways for negative urgency, lack of premeditation, and sensation seeking.
Trait impulsivity is a reliable, robust predictor of risky, problematic alcohol use. Mounting evidence supports a multidimensional model of impulsivity, whereby several distinct traits serve asExpand
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Food insecurity and maternal depression in rural, low-income families: a longitudinal investigation
Abstract Objective The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship between household food insecurity and maternal depression in a rural sample to determine whether food insecurityExpand
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A Generalized Cp Criterion for Derivative Estimation
The performance of a nonparametric regression method depends on the values chosen for one or more tuning parameters. Expand
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Increased mortality among patients taking digoxin--analysis from the AFFIRM study.
AIMS Digoxin is frequently used for rate control of atrial fibrillation (AF). It has, however, been associated with increased mortality. It remains unclear whether digoxin itself is responsible forExpand
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Perinatal exercise improves glucose homeostasis in adult offspring.
Emerging research has shown that subtle factors during pregnancy and gestation can influence long-term health in offspring. In an attempt to be proactive, we set out to explore whether aExpand
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Sensation Seeking and Impulsivity: Combined Associations with Risky Sexual Behavior in a Large Sample of Young Adults
Although prior studies have shown that sensation seeking and impulsive decision-making are related to sexual risk-taking, it is still unclear whether these personality traits operate independently orExpand
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The stability of psychopathy across adolescence
Abstract The current diagnostic system suggests that personality disorder categories be applied to children and adolescents in rare circumstances because of expected changes in personality pathologyExpand
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Testing Homogeneity in a Mixture Distribution via the L2 Distance Between Competing Models
Ascertaining the number of components in a mixture distribution is an interesting and challenging problem for statisticians. Chen, Chen, and Kalbfleisch recently proposed a modified likelihood ratioExpand
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