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Three-Additive Model of Superfilling of Copper
A model describing the effect of an accelerator bis(3-sulfopropyl)disulfide (SPS) and the two inhibitors poly(ethylene glycol) and Janus Green B (PEG and JGB) on the leveling efficacy onExpand
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High Schmidt mass transfer in a laminar impinging slot jet flow
Abstract In this paper, high Schmidt-number mass transfer to a line electrode in laminar impinging slot-jet flows is investigated experimentally and numerically. Slot-based Reynolds numbers from 220Expand
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Chelation as a metaphor for the effective fight against chemophobia
The existence of chemophobia, a long lasting and persistent irrational fear of chemistry and chemical substances, affects not only chemists in their mission to help humanity, but also has graveExpand
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Analytical chemistry as a tool for suppressing chemophobia: an introduction to the 5E-principle
The goal of this article is to introduce a different approach to reducing chemophobia. Analysis of the current public image of chemistry, especially the consequences of prevailing chemophobia, canExpand
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High Schmidt mass transfer in a turbulent impinging slot–jet flow
Abstract High Schmidt number mass transfer to a line electrode in turbulent impinging slot–jet flows is investigated. Slot-based Reynolds numbers from 13 000 to 40 000 are considered. The massExpand
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Effects of viscosity-dependent diffusion in the analysis of rotating disk electrode data
This paper demonstrates the application of a modified Levich equation for chemical systems with varying viscosity. A commonly used technique to analyze rotating disc electrode (RDE) experiments is toExpand
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Unsteady diffusion effects on electrodeposition into a submicron trench
Electrodeposition of a metal into rectangular cross-section trenches by the application of a current or potential step is investigated via numerical simulations. The feasibility of decoupling of theExpand
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Chemophobia versus the identity of chemists: heroes of chemistry as an effective communication strategy
Decades of chemophobia are taking a high toll on chemistry. As current surveys suggest, people are displaying an irrational desire to live in a world without chemistry, but at the same time areExpand
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Virtual integrated processing for integrated circuit manufacturing
As each new generation of semiconductor technology becomes more complex, targeted simulations can lead to significant savings in process development time and cost. These are achieved by providingExpand
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