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A review of the global burden, novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccine targets for cryptosporidium.
Cryptosporidium spp are well recognised as causes of diarrhoeal disease during waterborne epidemics and in immunocompromised hosts. Studies have also drawn attention to an underestimated globalExpand
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Microbiology of waterborne diseases
Introduction Risk assessment and drinking water Bacteriology Acinetobacter Aermonas Arcobacter Campylobacter Cyanobacteria E.coli Helicobacter pylori Other hetrotrophic plate count bacteriaExpand
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Cryptosporidium Genotypes and Subtypes in Lambs and Goat Kids in Spain
ABSTRACT To provide information on the transmission dynamics of cryptosporidial infections in domestic small ruminants and the potential role of sheep and goats as a source for humanExpand
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Minireview: clinical cryptosporidiosis.
Cryptosporidium has emerged as an important cause of diarrhoeal illness worldwide, especially amongst young children and patients with immune deficiencies. Usually presenting as aExpand
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Human cryptosporidiosis in Europe.
Cryptosporidium has emerged as a significant cause of diarrhoeal disease worldwide, with severe health consequences for very young, malnourished children living in endemic areas and for individualsExpand
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Three Drinking-Water–Associated Cryptosporidiosis Outbreaks, Northern Ireland
Three recent drinking-water–associated cryptosporidiosis outbreaks in Northern Ireland were investigated by using genotyping and subgenotyping tools. One Cryptosporidium parvum outbreak was caused byExpand
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Cryptosporidium Pathogenicity and Virulence
SUMMARY Cryptosporidium is a protozoan parasite of medical and veterinary importance that causes gastroenteritis in a variety of vertebrate hosts. Several studies have reported different degrees ofExpand
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Outbreaks of waterborne infectious intestinal disease in England and Wales, 1992–2003
We reviewed the epidemiological and microbiological characteristics of 89 reported outbreaks of waterborne infectious intestinal disease affecting 4321 people in England and Wales over the periodExpand
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Sporadic Cryptosporidiosis Case-Control Study with Genotyping
Risk factors for Cryptosporidiosis in United Kingdom.
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Long-term study of Cryptosporidium prevalence on a lowland farm in the United Kingdom.
A longitudinal sample survey testing for Cryptosporidium in livestock and small wild mammals conducted over 6 years (1992-1997) on a lowland farm in Warwickshire, England, has shown the parasite toExpand
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