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Assessing the responsiveness of functional scales to clinical change: an analogy to diagnostic test performance.
It is suggested that scales be viewed as "diagnostic tests" for discriminating between improved and unimproved patients, and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves describing a scale's ability to detect improvement (or failure to improve) using some external criterion are constructed. Expand
The Diagnosis of Strep Throat in Adults in the Emergency Room
Adult patients who presented to an urban emergency room complaining of a sore throat had cultures and clinical information recorded and a positive guess by a resident demonstrated an over-reliance on physical exam and an underuse of history. Expand
Relationship of hospital teaching status with quality of care and mortality for Medicare patients with acute MI.
In this study of elderly patients with AMI, admission to a teaching hospital was associated with better quality of care based on 3 of 4 quality indicators and lower mortality. Expand
Health-related Quality of Life and Virologic outcomes in an HIV Clinic
The relationship between viral load, a measure of HIV disease activity, and several dimensions of the SF-36, a patient-focused measure of HRQOL, appears to be strong and independent of CD4 cell count. Expand
Physician internet medical information seeking and on‐line continuing education use patterns
Examination of physician medical information–seeking behaviors and their relevance to continuing education providers who design and develop on‐line CE activities found the credibility of the source, quick and 24‐hour access to information, and ease of searching were most important to physicians. Expand
Screening for alcohol abuse using CAGE scores and likelihood ratios.
Clinicians can improve their ability to estimate a patient's risk for an alcohol abuse or dependence disorder using likelihood ratios for CAGE scores, as well as assess the performance of the CAGE questionnaire. Expand
Reassessment of clinical practice guidelines: go gently into that good night.
It is found that in ACC/AHA guidelines with at least 1 revision, the number of recommendations increased 48% from the first guideline to the most recent version, and that 48% of the time, these recommendations are based on the lowest level of evidence. Expand
Atypical presentations among Medicare beneficiaries with unstable angina pectoris.
Over half of Medicare patients with confirmed UAP had "atypical" presentations, and national educational initiatives may need to redefine the classic presentation of UAP to include atypical presentations to ensure appropriate quality of care. Expand
Nurse Staffing and Mortality for Medicare Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Even after extensive adjustment, higher RN staffing levels were associated with lower mortality and this findings suggest an important effect of nurse staffing on in-hospital mortality. Expand
"Different strokes for different folks".