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Biology, ecology and use in pest management of Telenomus remus
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Selection of a nucleopolyhedrovirus for control of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): structural, genetic, and biological comparison of four isolates from the Americas.
Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) is the principal pest of maize in tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. Larvae of this species are susceptible to aExpand
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Age‐related cannibalism and horizontal transmission of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus in larval Spodoptera frugiperda
1. Experiments were carried out to investigate the incidence of cannibalism throughout the larval development of the noctuid moth Spodoptera frugiperda, and to examine the risk of infection fromExpand
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Fitness consequences of cannibalism in the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda
We investigated the consequences of cannibalism for some correlates of fitness in the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). The benefits gained by cannibals were ascertainedExpand
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Parasitoid-Pathogen-Pest Interactions of Chelonus insularis, Campoletis sonorensis, and a Nucleopolyhedrovirus in Spodoptera frugiperda Larvae
Abstract In this study we examined interactions between two solitary endoparasitoids, the braconid Chelonus insularis and the ichneumonid Campoletis sonorensis, and a multiple-envelopedExpand
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Annotated catalog and bibliography of the cyclocephaline scarab beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Dynastinae, Cyclocephalini)
Abstract Cyclocephaline scarab beetles represent the second largest tribe of the subfamily Dynastinae, and the group includes the most speciose genus of dynastines, Cyclocephala. The period followingExpand
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Metamasius callizona is destroying Florida's native bromeliads.
Bromeliads (Bromeliaceae) are a family of about 2,500 species native to the Neotropics, with 16 native to Florida. For decades, enthusiasts have imported into Florida numerous species fromExpand
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Genome sequence and molecular characterization of Homalodisca coagulata virus-1, a novel virus discovered in the glassy-winged sharpshooter (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae).
The complete nucleotide sequence of a novel single-stranded RNA virus infecting the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca coagulata, has been determined. In silico analysis of H. coagulata virus-1Expand
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Antennal sensilla of male and female Telenomus reynoldsi gordh and coker (Hymenoptera : Scelionidae)
Abstract Sensilla on the antennae of both sexes of Telenomus reynoldsi (Hymenoptera : Scelionidae) were studied with the scanning electron microscope to determine their structure and possibleExpand
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