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Inflatable Evergreen Polar Zone Dome (EPZD) Settlements
Sustaining human life at the Earth antipodal Polar Regions is very difficult especially during Winter when water-freezing air temperature, blizzards and whiteouts make normal human existenceExpand
Inflatable ‘Evergreen’ dome settlements for Earth’s Polar Regions
Sustaining human life in the Earth’s Polar Regions is very difficult especially during wintertime when low air temperature, strong wind and “whiteouts” make normal existence dangerous. To counterExpand
Macro-engineering : a challenge for the future
Dedication Contributing Authors Preface Foreword Acknowledgments Geo-Engineering and Energy Production in the 21st Century / Richard Brook Cathcart and Viorel Badescu Mineral Sequestration Of Co2 AndExpand
Use of class A and class C stellar engines to control sun movement in the galaxy
Abstract Two particular stellar engines of class A and C, respectively, are described. When the Sun is the energy source, both of them provide practically the same thrust force. A simple dynamicExpand
Kra Canal (Thailand) excavation by nuclear-powered dredges
Partial excavation of a Kra Canal in Thailand by nuclear-powered cutter-head suction dredges is examined. Such automated digging by a floating machine is deemed economically and geologicallyExpand
Tibetan power: A unique hydro-electric macroproject servicing India and China
Joint India–China development and utilization of waterpower resources in eastern Tibet could facilitate a mutually beneficial balance of geopolitical power in the Himalaya. A multi-nationalExpand
Aral Sea partial restoration. I. A Caspian water importation macroproject
A comprehensive control strategy to partially recreate the Aral Sea involves several hydrological factors: overland pipeline conveyance of Caspian Sea water deposited into the Aral Sea Basin;Expand
Power from closing the Red Sea: economic and ecological costs and benefits following the isolation of the Red Sea
The closure of the Red Sea at its southern entrance (the Bab-al-Mandab Strait) could well lead to the world's largest hydropower generation, in the order of 50 000 MW. The cost and time-scalesExpand