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On the body of supermanifolds
The problem of constructing the body of a G∞ manifold is considered. It is shown that any such manifold is foliated, and the body is defined to be the space of the leaves of this foliation. UnderExpand
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Čech and de Rham cohomology of integral forms
Abstract We present a study on the integral forms and their Cech and de Rham cohomology. We analyze the problem from a general perspective of sheaf theory and we explore examples in superprojectiveExpand
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Pseudospheres in geometry and physics: from Beltrami to De Sitter and beyond ∗
We review the extraordinary fertility and proliferation in mathematics and physics of the concept of a surface with constant and negative Gaussian curvature. In his outstanding 1868 paper BeltramiExpand
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On the classical energy spectrum of CP2 models
Abstract The classical energy spectrum of CP2 models is studied giving a possible interpretation of the excitated states. The non-topological degeneration of the instantonic levels is analyzed byExpand
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Super-Quantum Mechanics in the Integral Form Formalism
We reformulate super-quantum mechanics in the context of integral forms. This framework allows to interpolate between different actions for the same theory, connected by different choices of pictureExpand
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The Geometry of Supermanifolds and New Supersymmetric Actions
Abstract This is the first of two papers in which we construct the Hodge dual for supermanifolds by means of the Grassmannian Fourier transform of superforms. In this paper we introduce theExpand
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Topological effective field theories for Dirac fermions from index theorem
Dirac fermions have a central role in high energy physics but it is well known that they emerge also as quasiparticles in several condensed matter systems supporting topological order. We present aExpand
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Integral representations on supermanifolds: super Hodge duals, PCOs and Liouville forms
We present a few types of integral transforms and integral representations that are very useful for extending to supergeometry many familiar concepts of differential geometry. Among them we discussExpand
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A note on Killing vectors in algebraically special vacuum space-times
A study is made on the connection between the existence of a Killing vector whose associated bivector (Ka;b) is null and the Petrov type. A theorem of Debney is refined. Also considered is aExpand
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A note on a hermitian analog of Einstein spaces
It is shown that a Hermitian Einstein space, i.e. a hermitian space such that the Ricci tensor of the hermitian connection is proportional to the hermitian metric, is Kahlerian On montre qu'un espaceExpand
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